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Motorcycle G P S  - The Defender



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The Most Advanced Motorcycle Security System

Available In Today’s Market



The DEFENDER is the most advanced motorcycle security available in today’s market.  It has unique features that make it unlike any other motorcycle security device and provides ultra low power consumption and is the smallest product obtainable.  It works on any make and model motorcycle and can handle heat, vibration and is waterproof.  This easy to install unit will eliminate false alarm messages and provide features that will secure your motorcycle wherever you leave it. 


DEFENDER: Features


DEFENDER  is waterproof, handles heat and vibration up to 30  G force

Ultra low power consumption less than  3  Milliamps when in sleep mode

Easy to install

Will eliminate false alarm messages

Determines between “Authorized” or “Unauthorized movement

Speed Alert

Snail Trail Feature

Battery Alert

GEO Fence Settings

Automatic Arming  

Will alert you when a ( 3 ) degree movement of the bike occurs


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 Motorcycle Theft Statistics

In the United States, one motorcycle is stolen every 8.3 minutes 

United States and Canada report over 30,000 motorcycle thefts each year, representing millions of dollars

 NICB report stolen cycles are typically sold whole or stripped down in chop shop fashion for part or  reconstruction into another motorcycle.

NICB reports higher end motorcycles are luxury items worldwide and promote a large export market for stolen cycles

Recovery rate of motorcycles is typically 25%

                                                                                                                                       *National Insurance Crime Bureau


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